Learn Dutch in a pleasant way

Lokaal 150 is specialized in learning Dutch (NT2) in a pleasant way

With a background of the Dutch language on the Leiden University and didactics on the Radboud University in Nijmegen I train foreigners to improve their skills of the Dutch language: understanding, reading, talking and writing.

Dutch lessons at any level

We offer a variety of courses at all levels.
From beginners to people who already live a long time in the Netherlands.

Specific goals

Do you want to speak easier with colleagues or clients?
Do you want to understand Dutch people better in daily life?
Do you have to do examinations for staying in the Netherlands?

Goal and plan

Tell us what you want.
Beside your specific goals we look at your level and your background.
Then we set a goal and make a plan.

Make an appointment

The easiest way to answer your questions and to support you with fitting advice is to make an appointment. An intake of 30 minutes is for free and with no obligations.
Interested? Let me know.


Contact me



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